The Second Yanqi Lake Youth Forum of CAS - Synthetic Biology Forum Held in Shenzhen

On April 26, the Synthetic Biology Forum of the second Yanqi Lake Youth Forum of Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in Shenzhen. The forum is a high-end academic forum of young scientists sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the theme of “enlightenment, exploration and breakthrough”, with an aim to gather outstanding young scientists to explore the national strategic demands and major issues in the frontiers of science and technology, facilitate the original innovations and inter-disciplines, and summarize the major scientific issues.

Su Gang, director of the Science and Education Bureau of CAS, delivered a speech and said, through the Youth Forum, CAS hoped to organize the young scientific workers and turn itself into a big stage for the talents to lead the scientific and technological innovation, a drill ground for the young talents, an experimental field for the exploration of cutting-edge technology, so that young scientific workers can benefit from it.

The forum was led and organized by the SIAT, with the theme of “Synthetic Biology in the Multi-disciplinary Integration”, with an aim to better unleash the organizing role of CAS in institutionalization. Focusing on the integration and development of multiple disciplines such as synthetic biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, information science and engineering, discussions were launched around six topics including “the ultimate challenge of synthetic biology: artificially synthesized unicellular life”, “intelligent biology: information science driving the new leap of synthetic biology”, “synthetic biology - a new territory of maths and physics”, “integration of biology and chemistry: synthetic biology - the crossover integration of chemistry and biotechnology”, “technology for use: synthetic biology empowering the application”, “the art of life: a journey in the art of synthetic biology” to strengthen the exchange and cooperation among young scientists from each field at home and abroad and advance the development of disciplines.

About 150 young scientists from 51 research institutions at home and abroad were invited to the forum to share their innovative thinking, challenges and urgent problems faced in their respective field of research. Meanwhile, Zhang Mingjie, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to share the research process of phase transition in neural synapses. Mu Rongping from the Innovative Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explored his reflection on the policy of sustainable development with innovation-driven digital transformation. Professor Wu Jiarui of Shanghai University of Science and Technology introduced the interdisciplinary forms. Professor Yan Ning from Shenzhen Medical Academy of Research and Translation (preparatory) reported a study based on liposome system. Marileen Dogterom, president of the Dutch Academy of Sciences, shared the frontiers of synthetic cells. Liu Chenli of SIAT reported the synthesis of unicellular life with biological macromolecules and explored the development trend of life science.


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The guests pose for a photo

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A scene of the forum