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“Two-way exchange” between enterprises and talents

In order to do a good job in talent introduction for enterprises, meet the demand of synthetic biology industry for talents, and strengthen the communication and talent flow between employers and universities, the Innovation Center has kicked off the “Recruitment of Talents from Universities in 2023”, and held the roadshow activities for the second Synbio Challenges.

On March 23 to 24, the Innovation Center organized two enterprises, Liying Biotech and Peelsphere to launch an offline publicity at Nankai University in Tianjin and Tsinghua University in Beijing. The event was attended offline by over a hundred students of the two universities. The enterprises had a good harvest at the site, as the jobs provided by them were highly consistent with the majors of the students. The event achieved a good effect as near a hundred resumes had been received.

From April 1 to 3, the Innovation Center organized three enterprises, Phobiology Tech, Bontac Bio-engineering, and Peelsphere to recruit talents from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, and Huazhong Agricultural University respectively. It gathered job opportunities to build a supply and demand platform between enterprises and fresh graduates.

Besides, in order to achieve “accurate docking and push” between jobs and resumes, it posted recruitment information for the enterprises, prepared recruitment manuals and updated their recruitment information in time, publicized the jobs and collected matched resumes from channels such as job fairs in universities, recruitment network and WeChat public accounts. By doing so, it posted recruitment information in a timely and normalized manner, expanded the recruitment in different channels and introduced high-end talents to promote the development of enterprises.

First leg

“Recruitment of Talents from Universities” & the second Synbio Challenges - Nankai University

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On-site publicity sessions of Liying Biotech and Peelsphere


Shenzhen Liying Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2022. As a leading innovative synthetic biology company, through the analysis of protein structure data and AI prediction, it applied the structural biology method to precisely modify proteins at the molecular level and 3D structure level. Through the fast screening with the independently designed high-flux protein purification platform, it realized fast optimization and iteration of protein’s functions, thereby obtaining raw materials of protein with an outstanding performance. It can provide the whole biological industry with excellent raw materials and services of protein in various application scenarios.

Second leg

“Recruitment of Talents from Universities” & the second Synbio Challenges - Tsinghua University

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Publicity session of Peelsphere


PEELSPHERE (Shenzhen Peelsphere Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) is a material innovation company, founded by Song Youyang, a designer of advanced materials and Dr. Nie Chuanxiong from the Free University of Berlin. The company is committed to the research and development of green and low-carbon bio-based materials and new environment-friendly composite materials, as well as the design of related terminal products.

Third leg

“Recruitment of Talents from Universities” & the second Synbio Challenges - Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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Publicity session of Phobiology Tech


Guangdong Phobiology Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative enterprise led by an internationally renowned team of senior experts in the field of phosphorus science to develop advanced biotechnology based on phosphorus chemical technology. Integrating special biological phosphorus reagent research and development, production, sales and science and technology services, the company focuses on the development of advanced omics technology, peptide technology and peptide drug development, which is committed to providing advanced reagents and high-end custom services for the fields of single cell omics, spatial omics (transcriptomics, proteomics, modified omics, metabolomics, etc.), synthetic biology and disease diagnosis, and actively deploys in in the fields of precise diagnosis of diseases and new drug development.

Fourth leg

“Recruitment of Talents from Universities”  & the second Synbio Challenges - Wuhan University

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Publicity sessions of Phobiology, Superior Synthesis, Bontac


Bontac Bio-engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bontac) was founded in 2012, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of a series of products such as coenzyme with the holoenzyme catalytic technology. With a leading green biological enzyme catalytic synthesis technology platform, the company is one of the world’s earliest national high-tech enterprises to pass the Kosher certification. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated more than 150 invention and international patents related with independent research and development of enzyme catalysis, with an enzyme bank and more than 600 kinds of bacteria, and the research and development strength in professional enzyme screening, gene modification and enzyme immobilization.

Fourth leg

“Recruitment of Talents from Universities” & the second Synbio Challenges - Huazhong Agricultural University

Publicity sessions of Phobiology and Superior Synthesis

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Shenzhen Superior Synthesis Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to the integration of inter-disciplinary technologies such as digitalization and automation and technology innovation of life science, and building a comprehensive life science innovation platform integrating intelligent and innovative precision medical diagnosis technology in life science laboratory.

The atmosphere at the job fair was warm and orderly, and the publicity session was “heated”, which attracted many graduates to queue up for consultation, submit resumes, and actively communicate with the staff of the employers on issues such as job requirements, future development, salary and treatment, and actively learn about related information.

Some student said, “In the communication with the principals of the enterprises, I obtained more information about the employment prospects and career status related with synthetic biology. The activity is meaningful. I hope that the school will organize more activities like this in the future.”

With talents as the core, the Innovation Center is committed to providing enterprises with industrial service systems ranging from move-in conditions, research support and talent recruitment. For the enterprises settled in the park, the operation team of the park will make offline visits and investigations to collect their demand for talents and assist in their recruitment of talents. By docking with universities, research institutions, enterprises and related platforms, the park assists enterprises to dock with universities fro recruitment of talents and strengthen the supply of talents. Next, the Innovation Center will continue to do well in talent recruitment, integrate resources, serve enterprises, mine job opportunities, and organize online and offline recruitment events to provide a more convenient service platform for the enterprises.