Policy Publicity Session | Leading Innovation with Party Building, Fostering New Impetus with Industries

In order to further unleash the leading role of Party building and serve various market entities in Guangming District, on the afternoon of April 20, 2023, the publicity session on business supporting and fostering policies was held at the Road Show Hall of the Innovation Center, sponsored by the Guangming branch of the Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen and organized by Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Center for Engineering Biology, with a theme of “leading innovation with Party building and fostering new impetus with industries”. By launching online and offline guiding services, it precisely passed the “nutrition” of business policies to further stimulate the “driving force” for the compliance management of market entities.


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Figure | A visit to the exhibition hall of Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Center for Engineering Biology

The publicity session was attended by more than 40 people, including Chen Jianmin, director of the Guangming Market Supervision Bureau, Li Hao, a member of the leadership of Guangming Market Supervision Bureau, members of related departments of the License Review Center of the Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Guangming Market Supervision Bureau, members of the Synthetic Biology Institute of SIAT and Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology and representatives of enterprises settled in the Innovation Center.


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Figure | Chen Jianmin, director of Guangming Market Supervision Bureau

Director Chen Jianmin said in his speech, hopefully with this opportunity, warm administrative services could be provided to “accelerate the development” of the enterprises and more enterprises could have a faster start and reach farther on the track of synthetic biology innovation. He also put forward several requirements and hopes: first, we hope that our market regulatory departments, through the establishment of a communication platform between government and enterprises, can “share the concerns” with the enterprises in advance, “guide” their business and “solved their difficulties” for them, so that the enterprises could handle affairs more easily. Second, we should fully implement the “strategies of quality and intellectual property rights” to further strengthen the protection, creation, application, management and services of intellectual property rights, steadily advance each work related with intellectual property rights, fully unleash the important supporting role of intellectual property system in the innovation-driven development. Third, he wished that the Innovation Center could be bigger and stronger under the favorable business environment co-built by each department to attract more excellent synthetic biology enterprises and build the Guangming Science City into a national highland for the synthetic biology industry.

Mr. Zhang Yipeng, director of Medical Device Evaluation and Certification Department of the Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen, explained in detail the registration and filing process for enterprises, and said that the center was constantly optimizing the  services for enterprises and improving the external communication channels, such as building the online reservation and consultation platform to facilitate the consulting service for enterprises; compiling and printing the manual of second class medical device registration tools to the registration of second class medical devices; regularly organizing explanation sessions and training for medical device registrars and enterprises in Shenzhen, and helping solve difficulties for them with different measures.

Colleagues from the License Registration Department and Quality Department of Guangming Market Supervision Bureau also explained the application process and key points of the business of the district’s intellectual property public service center for class I medical devices, and answered their questions on the spot.

With the policy publicity session, Guangming Market Supervision Bureau established a communication platform between government and enterprises, with an aim to further unleash the guiding role of Party building and serve the various market entities in Guangming District. In the future, the bureau will continue to advance the activity of “making policies seek people and delivering service” and shift from “people seeking policies” to “policies seeking people” and from “passive review” to “active service”, so as to better serve market entities with concrete actions and boost the development of enterprises.

The policy publicity session was held to further strengthen the understanding of enterprises in policies, help enterprises accurately grasp the key points of the policies and make preparations for the registration and filing of medical devices in advance, and facilitate the high-quality development of enterprises. The Innovation Center will continue to open up a development path integrating cluster resources, innovation and development, and ecology construction, establish a complete industrial chain and system, provides the enterprises with convenient and efficient service, continually cultivate several excellent synthetic biology enterprises, realize the construction goal of building several incubation carriers with a high quality and building Guangming Science City into a national highland for synthetic biology industry.