Financing News | Liying Biotechnology Finishes Angel + Round of Financing to Accelerate the Establishment of Protein Technology Transformation and Synthetic Biology Innovation Platform

Good news of enterprises

➣➣➣ Shenzhen Liying Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Liying Biotech) has recently completed an angel + round of financing to raise a fund of tens of millions of yuan. So far, for 12 months after its establishment, the company has completed two rounds of financing to raise a fund of tens of millions of yuan.

This round of financing was led by New Vision Angel Fund, followed by listed companies such as Weiguang Biological Products, Dymind Biotech, and Wuxi Best, as well as other institutions such as Dandelion Venture Capital. This fund raised in this round of financing will be used in the expansion of the R & D team, improving of the core technology platform, construction of large-scale pilot scale production site and market expansion.

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About Liying Biotech

Founded in April 2022, based on professional structural biology foundation and cutting-edge artificial intelligence computing, the company focuses on protein modification and design, and provides research and development services for different application scenarios of protein. At the beginning of its establishment, it successfully passed the enterprise selection of Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Center for Engineering Biology, where it was incubated for five months. As the earliest enterprise to finish the incubation and generate business revenue in the Innovation Center, it has attracted attention from several industrial capital and investment and financing institutions.

Liying Biotech is now located in Heng Tai Yue Synthetic Biology Industrial Park, with a total area of 1,000 square meters. It has an independent high-performance computing system, a complete expression system from prokaryotic to eukaryote, an independently designed high-flux protein purification and screening facility, and a GMP grade recombinant protein purification and characterization laboratory.

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Figure | Liying Biotech

For 12 months since its establishment, as an enterprise with advantaged technology, Liying Biotech has been committed to breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in raw materials of protein all the time and continually focused on the R&D, optimization and import substitution of proteins with high scarcity and high thresholds. Through the analysis and artificial intelligence prediction of protein structural data, it applies the structural biology methods to precisely transform the protein structure at the molecular level and the source. Through the fast screening with the independently designed high-flux protein purification platform, it has realized optimization and iteration of protein functions and obtained proteins with an excellent performance.

With its four core technology platforms, including independent artificial intelligence prediction platform of protein structure, high-flux structural biology platform, the platform for discovery of high-performance antibodies with single B cell, protein pairing, screening and validation platform, it has facilitated the research and development of more than 50 kinds of raw materials of protein with high difficulties, which can be applied in such fields as daily chemical and cosmetic medicine, synthetic biology, enzyme engineering, in vitro diagnostic reagents, vaccine sequence design, macromolecular protein drugs. Based on high standard and high quality development technology, it provides services for the complete industries of synthetic biology and biomedicine in co-building an industry ecosystem.


What the chief scientist says

➣➣➣ Dr. Zhang Ying, chief scientist of Liying Biotech, said, “We are very grateful to the investors and entrepreneurs for their recognition and support. Protein is the executor of life activities, the most important and complex biological macromolecule, and an important basis for the development of synthetic biology and biomedical industry, as well as the source of innovation. The company has always been paying great attention to innovative research and development. This round of financing will facilitate the improvement of our research and development capacity and the building of our research and development team. Through the establishment of a complete artificial intelligence and high-flux platform, we accelerate the transformation of synthetic biotechnology and its advancement in research projects, and empower the whole industry with high-level protein research and development. The smooth financing this time also shows that the industrial experts and investors highly recognize us in terms of specialization, platform, innovation and potential. We will continue to work hard to create more values for and make more contributions to our investors, customers and the industry.”


What the leading investor says

➣➣➣ Dr. Chen Jun, Chairman of New Vision Angel, said, “The team of Gold Port Capital has continually deployed in the biomedical industry ecology. Synthetic biology is a disruptive technology with a great potential in the future. We are very optimistic about the young professor-level scientist team of Liying Biotech, and believe that it will continue to give full play to its innovation ability and technological advantages, achieve the continuous transformation of research achievements, and bring more surprises and changes to the synthetic biology industry.”


What the industrial side says

➣➣➣ Zhang Zhan, chairman of Weiguang Bio-engineering, said, “Weiguang Bio-engineering mainly deploys in blood products, aiming at the commanding height and advanced model in the innovation of the global biomedical industry, hoping to help transform more research achievements into productivity. Liying Biotech focuses on the technological innovation at the source, has a founding team that has been deeply engaged in the frontier fields for many years, and has built an industry-leading technology platform. We believe that the financing this time can help the company develop better.”
➣➣➣ Zhai Liuwei, chairman of Dymind Biotech, said, “The development of Dymind Biotech has benefited from the excellent industrial ecosystem in Shenzhen, and has witnessed the rapid development of many innovative enterprises with a high potential in the industry like Liying Biotech. We expect that our investment this time can help outstanding entrepreneurs and scientists to grow with Liying Biotech. It is believed that with the strong support of industrial and academic backgrounds, Liying Biotech will unleash its own innovative advantages and fulfill its own value with the passage of time.”