Pooling Wisdom and Talent in Guangming - Information Session on Talent Policies of Guangming District 2023 (Special Event of Synthetic Biology) Held

On the afternoon of May 26, the Human Resource Bureau of Guangming District held a Special Service Event for Scientific Researchers of Guangming District in 2023 with the theme of “Pooling Wisdom and Talent in Guangming” at the Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Center for Engineering Technology, together with the Organization Department of the district’s Party committee (the district’s Talent Work Bureau and High-level Talent Service Center), the district’s Scientific and Technological Innovation Bureau, the district’s Civil Affairs Bureau, the district’s Housing and Construction Bureau, the district’s Government Service Data Administration and Xinhu Sub-district.


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This special event was attended by 54 researchers from 48 synthetic biology enterprises such as Shenzhen Jotbody Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Higia Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Ltd., Shenzhen Cytorola Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., basically realizing a full coverage of synthetic biology enterprises. The person in charge of the district’s Human Resource Service Center delivered an opening speech.

It was reported that this event focused on the actual needs of talents in the field of synthetic biology, launched diversified policy publicity activities, adopted the forms of “talent pooling, policy introduction and government assistance” to work different departments to provide talent services of policy conveying and business assistance.

In the link of “talent pooling”, all the participants visited the Industrial Innovation Center for Engineering Biology to learn about the model of “upstairs innovation and downstairs entrepreneurship complex” and the whole-chain enterprise cultivation model of “scientific research-transformation-industry” initiated in China.

In the link of “policy introduction”, the district’s Talent Work Bureau and High-level Talent Service Center introduced the series of policies of “Talent Highland Plan”, the doctoral talent subsidy policy in Guangming Science City and the corresponding application processes.

The district’s Human Resources Bureau focused on interpreting the talent introduction policy and employment and entrepreneurship policy, and explained the key points of the policies such as entrepreneurship subsidy for overseas students in Shenzhen, individual income tax subsidy for high-end overseas talents in short supply, and special subsidy for outstanding engineers in Guangming District.
The district’s Housing and Construction Bureau focused on the policies such as housing for talents and preferential policies of home buying that concerned enterprises and talents and interpreted them in detail from application to moving in.
The district’s Civil Affairs Bureau introduced the Guangming Social Welfare Institute, and introduced its five-star service system from seven aspects of medical treatment, health, care, food, enjoyment, intelligence and residence.

In the link of “government assistance”, the district’s Government Service Data Administration joined hands with Xinhu Sub-district to provide services such as government business consultation and assistance and guidance for handling requests for the research talents, and assisted in handling the government matters mentioned at the site.

Ma Mingju, deputy director of the Industrial Innovation and Transformation Center of the Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology, said, “The event involves a wide range of policies, which is the most urgent concern of our enterprises in the field of synthetic biology. This event focuses on the  publicity of talent policies in the field of synthetic biology, builds a communication platform, and promotes the exchange and cooperation between enterprises, which can facilitate the development of synthetic biology in Guangming District.”


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In this special service program for scientific manpower, all functional departments took the initiative to dock with related enterprises and institutions in the field of synthetic biology to address difficulties for talents. In the next step, Guangming District Human Resources Bureau will continue to carry out a series of activities of “Pooling of Wisdom in Guangming”, vigorously promote the talent service work relying on the advantages of industrial clusters, strive to improve the talent service, and build a gathering place for innovative talents.