EICHSTAEDT OLAFVisiting Professor

Research and development of biological experimental equipment, precision engineering.

An international, versatile, and experienced engineer with strong analytical, conceptual and communicative  skills. Directly managed up to 30 qualified engineers in 3 departments, was responsible for development  process with more than 100 contributors. Education and work experience in Germany, Switzerland, China,  USA, and Australia.  20 years' experience in technical management, shaping and implementation of business processes and product management. Extensive experience of product development from idea, over patents, prototypes, and  engineering to market introduction of machines, control systems and software systems. Responsible for  annual R&D budgets of more than 4 Mio USD/year.  Broad technical knowledge and extensive project experience to support an effective interdisciplinary  collaboration in complex technical environments and across department boundaries.


Publications/Patents (recent)

Jian Mao, Yingge Yan, EICHSTÄDT Olaf, Xianshuai Chen, Zuowei Wang, and Jinming Cui. A Noninvasive Online System for Biomass Monitoring in Shaker Flasks Using Backward Scattered Light. Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering. 22(2017):161-169. 

EICHSTÄDT Olaf, Wet Grinding in Modern Agitated Media Mills. Asia Coatings Forum 2005, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 2005.

EICHSTÄDT Olaf, STALDER Bernhard, NATER Eduard. Wirtschaftlichkeit von Kreisprozessen am Beispiel der Zentrifugenmühle. Kolloquium "Dispergieren mit Ruehrwerkskugelmuehlen", Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering Brunswick and Society of Process Engineers (GVT). 2001.  

EICHSTÄDT Olaf, Wirtschaftliche Produktion unter Einsatz moderner Ruehrwerkskugelmühlen. Phänomen Farbe. 2000.

EICHSTÄDT Olaf, NATER Eduard. New Development in Wet Grinding and Dispersing with Microbeads: Zentrifugal Bead - Mill ZR120. ACHEMA exhibition and conference, Frankfurt. 2000.

EICHSTÄDT Olaf, NATER Eduard. In der ZR120 dreht sich alles um die Nasszerkleinerung - Feinstvermahlung von Chemikalien und Pigmenten. CAV - Chemie Anlagen Verfahren.