Xuemei LVVisiting Professor

Genetics, genomics, bioinformatics

Dr. Xuemei Lu, Professor, Principle Investigator. Adaptive evolution can happen at various levels, population, organism, or cellular. Both organ exhaustion and cell abnormal proliferation are involved in accumulation of somatic mutation and adaptation evolution. An obvious manifestation of such short-term evolution is cancer. The evolution theory is applicable at organism and cell population levels. Carrying out the approaches in population genetics, evolutionary biology and genomics, we study the genetic and epigenetic basis of species adaptation, and the dynamic accumulation process and features of somatic as well. Based on this framework, we are depicting the pattern of mutation accumulation and selection, as well as identifying crucial mutations driving fitness changes in animal organisms and tumor cells. 

E-mail: xuemeilu@mail.kiz.ac.cn

Website: http://sourcedb.kiz.cas.cn/zw/zjrc/gjzd/201907/t20190719_5344526.html 

Publications/Patents (recent)

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