Yiji XIAVisiting Professor

Gene regulation

Professor Yiji Xia obtained his B.S. in Agronomy from Zhejiang Agricultural University (Ningbo) in China, M.S. in Forage Science from the Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China and PhD in Genetics from Iowa State University in USA.  He has developed his research in the field of plant molecular biology before and after joining the University in 2009.

In the past five years, Professor Xia has succeeded in five Research Grants Council grant applications to support his research, including four General Research Fund projects and one Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) project, securing a cumulative sum of more than HK$12 million. He has proactively established multiple collaborative projects at the University and with other institutions. He is currently a Co-Principal Investigator of two Area-of-Excellence projects and has been a Co-Investigator for four CRF projects. Professor Xia has published over 60 research articles and many of them are in prestigious journals such as Nature, PNAS, Plant Cell, EMBO Journal, Nucleic Acids Research, Plant Journal and Plant Physiology, earning a citation count of over 7,000.

TEL:(+852) 3411 7052




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H Hu, N Flynn, H Zhang, C You, R Hang, X Wang, H Zhong, Z Chan, Y Xia*, and X Chen* (2021) SPAAC-NAD-seq, a sensitive and accurate method to profile NAD+-capped transcripts. PNAS, accepted.  

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Wang Y, Li S, Zhao Y, You C, Le B, Gong Z, Mo B, Xia Y, Chen X* (2019) NAD+-capped RNAs are widespread in the Arabidopsis transcriptome and can probably be translated. PNAS, https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1903682116.