Linlin QIProfessor

Elucidation of molecular mechanisms underlying the auxin-mediated adaptive growth and developmental plasticity; Functional characterization of cyclic nucleotide monophosphates (cNMPs) in plant signal transduction; Plant synthetic biology.

Linlin Qi is a professor at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Qi received his Ph.D. from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015. He did postdoc research at VIB Center for Plant Systems Biology, Belgium, and Institute of Science and Technology, Austria before joining SIAT. His works were published in Nature, Plant Cell, New phytologist, Plant Physiology and other influential journals.


Publications/Patents (selected)

[1] Qi L. and Friml J (2023). Tale of cAMP as a second messenger in auxin signaling and beyond. New Phytologist 240: 489-495

[2] Qi L., Kwiatkowski M., Chen H., Hoermayer L., Sinclair S., Zou M., del Genio C., Kubeš M., Napier R., Jaworski K. and Friml J (2022). Adenylate cyclase activity of TIR1/AFB auxin receptors in plants. Nature 611: 133-138

[3] Qi L.*, Zhang X.*, Zhai H.*, Liu J.*, Wu F., Li C. and Chen Q. (2019) Elongator is required for root stem cell maintenance by regulating SHORTROOT transcription. Plant Physiology 179: 220-232 (* Co-first author)

[4] Qi L.*, Yan J.*, Li Y., Sun J., Chen Q., Li H., Chu J., Sun X., Yan C., Yu Y. and Li C. (2012) Arabidopsis thaliana plants differentially modulate auxin biosynthesis and transport during defense responses to the necrotrophic pathogen Alternaria brassicicola. New Phytologist 195: 872-882 (* Co-first author)

[5] Sun J.*, Qi L.*, Li Y., Zhai Q. and Li C. (2013) PIF4 and PIF5 transcription factors link blue light and auxin to regulate the phototropic response in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 25: 2102-2114 (* Co-first author)