Agricultural and Plant Synthetic Biology

Center for Agricultural and Plant Synthetic Biology is committed to assembling and nurturing world-class synthetic biologists and engineering professionals, with a focus on crucial agricultural crops, economic plants, algae, agricultural microbes, and the prospective realms of green biological agriculture manufacturing. Applying synthetic biological principles and techniques, the center endeavors to innovate disruptive technologies and products in agricultural synthetic biology. It aims to establish next-generation automated and intelligent factories adept at nurturing genetically improved varieties of plants and algae. This is part of a broader objective to construct a comprehensive innovation ecosystem that encompasses a journey from fundamental research through applied investigation to the fruition of transformative achievements. This orchestrated endeavor is directed towards accelerating the development of innovative crop and algae lineages that epitomize heightened productivity, minimized consumption, superior quality, and enhanced value-added attributes. Such an initiative is instrumental in serving national priorities in food security and promoting the sustainable advancement of green agricultural practices.

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