Synthetic Immunology

Synthetic immunology is an emerging discipline that is highly integrated with cutting-edge immunological theories and modern synthetic biology technology. This has greatly promoted the development of modern theories, technical approaches and product research of immunotherapy for major diseases. The Center for Synthetic Immunology is going to gather pioneers and outstanding young talents in synthetic immunology with the aim to cure tumors, autoimmune diseases, viral diseases, organ transplant and other diseases. Our approach is to provide new opportunities to reshape, renormalize, or rebuild the immune system of the body through immunotherapy. The center aims at applying new synthetic immunology theories and approaches to achieve the immunotherapy of major diseases and large-scale industrial production for treatment. At present, the center team is recruiting research groups in many disciplines including immunology, synthetic biology, structural biology, multi-omics and bioinformatics, biomacromolecule drugs, cell-based therapeutics and tissue or organ engineering.

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