Cell and Gene Circuit Design

Living system requires the fundamental capability to sense and process multiplex input signals, and make accurate cellular decisions. Inspired by the electronic engineering, these biological information processing systems are governed by various gene circuits, including signaling transduction, genetic regulation, metabolic and energetic regulation etc., which may function as the "Central Processor Unit" in synthetic living systems. The understanding of the design principle and regulatory mechanism of natural cell and gene circuits, can uncover the basic law of living system, but also establish the substantial theoretical and technological foundation for the intelligent, automatic control in the next generation of engineering biology. Aiming at the crucial scientific challenges and the cutting-edge biotechnology in synthetic lives, our center will focus on the development of "software" in the design of synthetic lives, to promote interdisciplinary biological science and education. In the next five years, our researches will focus on the following directions: 1) the modular design of key biological parts and devises; 2) the development of computational theories and software for the cell and gene circuits design; 3) the development of smart cell and gene therapeutics;

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